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Having a quality GPS Tracker has often remained often tricky due to the price or the quality. Rewire Security supplies the highest quality cost effective GPS monitoring systems to get a wide selection of possibilities including although not limited to; elderly people, vehicles, motorcycles, ships, pets, youngsters and fleets. The company takes pride in providing Body Worn CCTV Cameras, Business & Security Alarm. Offering same-day UK dispatch, the business offers free delivery on all orders within the UK.

Personal GPS Tracker

Rewire Protection is a supplier of most types of Stability devices including; Home Security Services, CCTV, Car Cameras, Body Worn Cameras, Covert Cameras, Portable Magnetic GPS Trackers. The organization permits one to function GPS trackers from anywhere on the planet as the products employ GSM cellphone community for conversation where there is mobile phone transmission. Being an expert online merchant of GPS trackers and safety techniques, Rewire Stability seeks to provide the clients using the highest quality tools as well as in order to achieve the utmost result, they listen to the particular needs of your client in order that they could deliver the most effective result.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Rewire Protection has earned name all over UK for giving best quality Car tracking Advantage tracking, Fleet Tracking, Car & GPS stability, GSM/Distant real-time security and CCTV systems with better productivity, elevated security and at reduced-cost. Supplying distinctive Rewire Security branded items, the company enables someone to avail from the choice of the most effective technology from other vendors - all examined and authorized from the specialists of the organization.

Rewire Security's GPS vehicle and portable trackers are completely suitable for inhouse, UK cloud based live tracking service: GPSLive. Enabling you to discover your trackers on-line 24/7 including pace their journey record paths and stops from up-to the past 6 months.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in A Fleet Management System

It wasn't easy for fleet managers with a massive number of vehicles spread throughout a city or a country to supervise. Having to deal with incidents, traffic, unwanted driver behavior and employees who are not doing their jobs due to the lack of supervision on a daily basis was challenging. With the advancements made in the field of GPS over the years, managers started utilizing fleet management systems to run their operation with ease. 

GPS tracking systems offer numerous advantages for fleet managers such as real-time tracking, better customer service, and fuel consumption monitoring. One of the main reasons why a company should invest in fleet management systems is real-time tracking. This feature allows managers and dispatchers to locate fleet vehicles in real-time and observe their movements. With real-time tracking data, managers can steer their vehicles through traffic, road maintenance and crowded spots. As a result, deliveries arrive at their destinations faster, drivers avoid possible accidents. You can keep your fleet safe and keep your customers happy with the help of GPS tracking solutions. Check out this Youtube video review about a similar product you will find useful.


Fuel consumption accounts for almost half of a fleet's expenses. All fleet vehicles waste fuel by idling, speeding or vehicle-related problems. Fleet tracking platforms provide telematics data which allows managers to analyze and identify unnecessary driver behavior.  Also if the GPS tracking device is connected to the vehicle's OBD port, it will provide you with the error codes generated by the vehicle. This will allow managers to warn the fleet drivers, train them to be aware of the fuel-wasting behavior. It will also allow them to schedule maintenance for the vehicles in need and keep a healthy fleet. Properly maintained vehicles and trained drivers will help a fleet business save massive amounts of money on fuel.

Insurance costs are another big expense for fleets. With a massive fleet on the roads, there will be accidents, malfunctions and similar incidents that will increase the insurance premiums and cost you in the long run. But insurance companies consider fleets with a fleet GPS management system installed low risk, therefore lower insurance premiums for your company. As you can see fleet management system is a necessity for all vehicle fleets in today's world. Your expenses will decrease significantly over time and you can grow your company with all the money saved by GPS tracking systems.